inside of a banana peel
the word “relative” from a print-out
eraser crumbs (x2)
the letter “e” from the back cover of Rebecca Solnit’s A Field Guide for Getting Lost
scotch tape dispenser
barcode on the back of a book about the moon (x2)
ink on a plastic bag of roasted almonds (x2)
the word “Francisco”
the front cover of Arthur Koestler’s Act of Creation
dried out onion peel
cover of leather-bound dream journal (x3)
broken bit off a cinder block
gym shorts (x2)
cloth for cleaning glasses
dried paint drip
scratches in metal
cover of Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a changing Economy catalogue
apple peel (x3)
French bread crumbs
glass table top of drafting desk
black thread
unknown (x28)
vinyl floor
inside of an orange peel
dirty sponge (x3)
ampersand on a receipt
aluminum foil
woven cover of pocket-sized notebook
crushed and dried rosemary (x3)
garlic salt (x2)
sea salt
paper clip
crumbs (x2)
dried paint splatter
cover of Josiah McElheny catalogue
the side of a roll of blue painters’ tape (x2)
cover of MOMA High and Low catalogue
my hair (x2)
paint caked on gym shorts
wool blanket
burst bubbles preserved in surface of dried paint
inside of journal cover flap
dried paint (x2)
plastic bag
leather shoes
plastic net for oranges
canvas weave
letters “s” and “p”
Canon 5D instruction book (x2)
thread in leather
cinder block (x2)
book cover of How the Universe Got Its Spots
wood grain of desk
paint droplet
speck of dirt
a different pair of leather shoes
library book cover
unknown organic material from floor (x3)
surface of metal stool (x17)
screen printing screen
frayed end of canvas
Canon 5D neck strap (canvas side)
Canon 5D neck strap (leather side)
wooden chair with paint stains, book cover (don’t remember which book)
plastic netting clementines are packaged in my backpack
the letter “s” printed on my backpack
the handwriting of a man I longed to take as a lover but never did
graphite shavings from sharpening my pencil (x2)
Avery Brewing Co. bottle cap
ticket stub to CU Theatre and Dance presents Open Space
tip of a hemp cord
the wall in my studio
unidentifiable bit of dirt from the floor
cadmium red paint tube 1.35 fl oz
brand new linoleum printing block
my wallet
a used Bigelow brand green tea bag
Bigelow green tea plastic wrapper
coffee grounds
my handwriting
printing press cylinder
rusted scrap of metal
my favorite scarf from Venice
crochet fringe of my favorite scarf
paper towel
exacto knife handle
coffee stain with bits of dirt stuck in it
second-hand kimono from Kyoto, Japan
apartment carpet
dining room wooden table top
dried out baby’s breath flower fallen from vase
bathroom floor
Dutch ceramic tile from my great-grandmother who immigrated to New York from the Netherlands to escape WWII
apartment wall
kitchen floor
dried-up daffodil petal
faux-leather seat of a stool
dried-up mint leaf
dried-up petal form unknown flower
greener side of a half-dried mint leaf
the refrigerator
veins of another dried up mint leaf
head of a screw
underside of fresh rosemary leaf from window garden
leather change purse in the shape of a cat’s head
shriveled up ivy leaf
a piece of a map but I don’t know where of (x2)
dice from the board game Settlers of Catan
game piece from the board game Settlers of Catan
marijuana ash
a feather
dried up ivy leaf
inside of an orange peel
watch gear (x2)
screw from a watch
minute hand of a watch
a band aid
cotton glove for handling archival materials
dried gorilla glue from about 2009
dark chocolate
pan-fried egg yolk
salt and pepper (x2)
plastic netting
front cover of vol. 2 of How Stuff Works
shriveled asparagus shoot
sautéed asparagus shoot
a Made in China sticker
leaf from flowers Victoria gave me on Valentine’s Day
stem from flowers Victoria gave me on Valentine’s Day (x2)
metal necklace charm of flowers found at bus stop
I captured a wasp that kept getting into my apartment and kept it in a jar until it died so I could draw it and it took weeks for it to starve and then I drew the following:
base of a wing ripped out of the thorax
a wing, the base of the other wing ripped out of the thorax
the claw on the longest back leg, a joint on its leg
the base of a leg ripped out of the thorax
tip of an antenna
middle leg
part of the abdomen ripped out of the thorax
tulip piston
faux-leather couch
Spanish moss
curled up, shredded strips of acrylic sheet form drill bit
bamboo cutting board
ash on a wooden table top
cover of my old bible but I’m an atheist now
scratch on cover of old bible
kosher salt
cross I wore in high school
fabric veterans poppy
ace of spades from an old Spanish deck of cards
peering inside a poppy pod from Sermione, Italy
acorn from City Park in New Orleans
blade of grass
stamen from flower growing outside apartment
petal from flower growing outside of apartment
crayon marks on Bristol paper
ceramic pendant of a Botticelli painting
toast crumbs
dried up tulip petal
wood veneer on top of coffee table
Jefferson’s shirt on a $20 bill
serial number on a $20 bill
Greek column on the White House on the back of a $20 bill
the American flag on the White House of a $20 bill